Fitness and achievement

 يسمح للمستخدمين الضيوف بالدخول إلى هذا المقرر الدراسي
 هذا المقرر الدراسي بحاجة إلى مفتاح التسجيل

This learning path is a simple suggested system to develop learners to supervise, organize and lead their own learning to accept responsibility for themselves, by developing on a continuous basis, which match the principles of MOE National strategy for Education that emphasis supporting systems and educational services with low cost and high quality that enable all learners to achieve the basic learning outputs through the use of a variety of methods and resources, including technology education

This learning Path is connected with the Jordanian Curriculum, the English Language, Physical Education, Science and computer science syllabuses for the 8th Graders. This Learning path designed to guide our learners to explore a new learning environment in which they are interact through designed website and are expected to respond to various types of assignments and activities using different technology tools to reflect their opinions, understanding, awareness of some issues through out different acts like referring to online tools and resources, do experiments and researches, designing presentations and brushers / posters, record videos and films to show their creativity in integrating these tools in a product that deliver the task and lead to interaction and cooperation with peers & teachers

يسمح للمستخدمين الضيوف بالدخول إلى هذا المقرر الدراسي  هذا المقرر الدراسي بحاجة إلى مفتاح التسجيل