Mind mapping with “planning a school trip” as an example
(Mind mapping with “planning a school trip” as an example)

 يسمح للمستخدمين الضيوف بالدخول إلى هذا المقرر الدراسي

Mind maps are a way of retaining information. People are accustomed to receiving information in linear form, for example, as a text. Mind maps are completely different. Mind maps draw pictures of information and content. In addition to words, visual elements, such as colours, images, symbols and, of course, the unmistakeable mind-map structure, are used. In the starting example (lesson documentation), a school trip is organised in full using a mind map. All the important information is documented in the mind map and can then be extracted from this. This creates an information map for teachers, pupils and parents. As a final project, a website is created containing information about the experience gained during the trip, as well as images of the trip.

&linkR335;Mind Mapping® at the PC? – academy mapping

Combining the classic Mind Mapping® method with the possibilities offered by the PC and appropriate software (e.g. MindManager® X5 Pro) creates electronic or digital maps, also known as academy maps. Mind Mapping® is the methodological basis for the MindManager® software. The software also includes all visual elements, such as images, symbols and colours. Of course, it is also possible to create mind maps according to the traditional method. However, the use of software is shown to greatly facilitate work. Creating maps that are easily legible to all is no longer a challenge. Supplementing and restructuring an electronic map is not a problem as they are almost seamlessly flexible. First, all the ideas relating to a theme are collected, then structured and supplemented. There are virtually no spatial limits. This map can then be applied either individually or in the group. Academy maps help with efficient communication, organisation and planning.

The aim of the learning path is to implement a selected topic with the help of the Mind Mapping® method.

يسمح للمستخدمين الضيوف بالدخول إلى هذا المقرر الدراسي