Health & Illness

 يسمح للمستخدمين الضيوف بالدخول إلى هذا المقرر الدراسي
 هذا المقرر الدراسي بحاجة إلى مفتاح التسجيل








Quotes by HM King Abdullah II

" Maintaining public health by offering preventive, treatment and health  control services, as well as organizing and supervising health services offered by the public and private sectors. "

    HM King Abdullah II


This learning path is designed to give extra information about illness and health which are necessary for all of us. Each one seeks to keep himself far away from illness and diseases and live a healthy life for ever. Here in Jordan , Our government's slogan is ( Our Health Our Responsibility ). This slogan force each one to share the responsibility and take action to keep himself and his country clean and healthy.


This learning path aims to introduce ways of having healthy lifestyles and protecting ourselves from illness and diseases and taking care of infection factors. This path trains students to listen , talk , read and write about illness and health and participate in this mission by advising their relatives and mates to spread this idea in their daily life situations to implement their government's slogan and achieve His Majesty's vision to keep our country Jordan free of infectious diseases. The products of this path will be a short video clip, a publisher and some useful health tips to students themselves , their relatives and neighbors   neighbors .

يسمح للمستخدمين الضيوف بالدخول إلى هذا المقرر الدراسي  هذا المقرر الدراسي بحاجة إلى مفتاح التسجيل