The Dead Sea
(The Dead Sea)

 يسمح للمستخدمين الضيوف بالدخول إلى هذا المقرر الدراسي
 هذا المقرر الدراسي بحاجة إلى مفتاح التسجيل

This learning path is designed to develop students' thoughts that the Dead Sea is not just a place of swimming but of un counted qualities. To be well aware of these qualities needs to get rid of the old way of teaching and learning which considers the teacher as the sole expert and the learners are passive recipients who easily forget the pumped information received by their teachers. So, to cope with the new technology, modernized world and the new MOE vision which focuses on the sustainable development of its teachers who produce well qualified, skilful and innovative learners,I present this modest learning path. This will not be accomplished unless cooperative work is applied.

The aim of this learning path is to fulfill the students' needs of having a well understanding about the Dead Sea and its unusual properties.

According to the General Outputs of Jordanian Educational System ,this learning path will guide students to co-operate with others collaboratively, use information and communication technology to administer, analyze, convey, generate and apply knowledge and information, use critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills effectively.

In this learning path students will design presentations, posters, brochures do researches showing why the Dead Sea is a popular tourist destination and how can we keep it alive and not being a real "Dead Sea" and disappear forever.

This learning path will be applied with cooperation with the English language staff, computer staff, Geography staff and Ministry of Tourism.

يسمح للمستخدمين الضيوف بالدخول إلى هذا المقرر الدراسي  هذا المقرر الدراسي بحاجة إلى مفتاح التسجيل